Archives for the Month of September, 2012

Those maquettes!

‘Each day when she has left her workshop I take a photo of what’s on her workbench and some of the things she has made out of found objects and cardboard. She has told me that she is working on a number of scale models that could possibly become full scale kinetic sculptures or installations. […]

First “Show and Tell”.

“In the first couple of weeks Nola made several rough scale models (like quick sketches)of what could become large kinetic works incorporating solar technology. I took a risk and suggested to her that they were indeed very rough, but she assured me they should be seen as quick sketches only. And that she needed to […]

Clean-room ready!

“She was not so pleased when I caught her standing suited up and ready to enter the clean room in order to test her solar devices!” Permangelo E. Regularis

Spinning glass slide

Applying a chemical layer to a glass slide

“Nola Farman has been so busy in the Physics department, I have had difficulty catching up to have a word with her. However, I did manage to take a snap of her in the labs where she and some others were making some organic solar cells in the laboratories.”