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Landscape & kinetic sculpture

“It seems to me that Nola’s kinetic sculpture with its triangular fragments hanging together in the air like pieces from the collision of a massive flock of white cockatoos, has something of Cezanne’s idea of landscape and the goemetric which is said to have enabled the passage of Cubist thought into the Fine Art lexicon!” […]

Works-In-progress: the vernissage

ROOM G03 PHYSICS BUILDING 4PM FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2012 tea and cakes will be served NOLA FAR MAN MODEL AND META PHOR – works in progress Professor Paul Dastoor and Miranda Lawry invite you to view works in progress by artist Nola Farman, recipient of the 2012 Synapse7 Grant (Aus tralian Networ k for Art […]

An Early Scale Model

” Early days! So much has happened with concepts and ideas. Nola has asked me to try to keep up and to put my reading on science and aesthetics on hold. I have written a draft of an abstract for her in preparation for a publication with the Physicists.” Permangelo E. Regularis

The workshop bench is still alive

“This afternoon I wrote quite a long post on the aesthetics of art & science but being a bit of a 17th century man (my field of scholarship is the History of Humour from the Late Greek Period to the French Revolution) I lost the whole text. Nola was a little miffed although quite good […]