The Beginning

“It seems to me that Nola Farman has found herself in an extraordinary situation amongst the Physicists in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences in the Centre for Organic Electronics. I say `extraordinary’ because the spirit of professional interest and the generosity of input from the scientists is such that one can no longer generalize about the paucity of collegiality within the contemporary Australian university. And what’s all this I hear about ‘the great divide’ between arts & science? It brings me to say that I am pleased to have not ever entered in  that on-going debate. But please excuse me, I must bring myself back to the issue at hand! I am after all writing this blog for Nola Farman – so I must remind myself that its not all about me!”

“This morning I had the privilege to attend and observe a lively workshop, where, as the note taker (Nola Farman is very slow at this sort of thing)  I might be well advised to place my writing arm and hand in a sling. My head was reeling as I wondered how on earth she would be able to keep all these thoughts together. But she trotted confidently enough off to her work bench.”

“When I get the hang of it (to put it crudely) I will post some snaps I took of that session. It was decided to meet once a fortnight to continue the project.” Permangelo E. Regularis

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