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Another Show and Tell

“Every second Friday a meeting is held with staff and students to talk about and review the works in progress. This way, Nola Farman can gradually develop her work as it relates to a science perspective. To contribute to the work of science is difficult for her to see. perhaps this is because she might […]

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar on Beauty

“Nola Farman has so little time to read these days – so while she was working. I read out loud to her most of this article from Physics Today, December 2010. At first she objected saying,’ I have rarely seen anything on the topic that engages me’. To which I replied, ‘Aha! But this is […]

Not sleeping, just thinking

“Nola Farman has been mostly making scale models at 1:20 but now has upped the scale to 1:10. I can see now why she has done that. It must be much easy to make stronger models with dowelling and screws instead of just glue. She has also told me that now she can test some […]

Character Building

“One of the first things I noticed as I watched the scientists and research students making the solar devices, was theirĀ  impressive patience. There are so many variables to encounter along with accidents such as dropping the tiny glass sides, or having them flip away into a corner, trembling hands, solutions clotting and not spinning […]

What language!

“The other day I couldn’t help looking over Nola Farman’s shoulder while she was doing some research. I as struck by the use of language in an article she was reading about Shape Memory materials. Having recently met a poet with a background in Physics I was alert to how words when taken from one […]