Not sleeping, just thinking

“Nola Farman has been mostly making scale models at 1:20 but now has upped the scale to 1:10. I can see now why she has done that. It must be much easy to make stronger models with dowelling and screws instead of just glue. She has also told me that now she can test some of the parts of the work that will move. I must say I don’t like all that Balsa wood dust that she seems to tolerate quite well but it does make me sneeze. I can tell there is some excitement brewing in the anticipation of some kinetic materials that have been ordered via high priority post. Meanwhile she is making some alternative forms that might better utilize the solar materials being developed in this department. One of the young researchers gave an excellent explanation of three principles of motion ratio. I quite suddenly better understood the difference between a seesaw, a wheelbarrow and the counter balance in a lever. I could see how Nola caught onto the idea too, because she immediately began some modifications of the 1:10 scale model. I promise to soon post some more of her work bench snaps. Nola is very patient with me in this regard.” Permangelo E. Regularis

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