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First “Show and Tell”.

“In the first couple of weeks Nola made several rough scale models (like quick sketches)of what could become large kinetic works incorporating solar technology. I took a risk and suggested to her that they were indeed very rough, but she assured me they should be seen as quick sketches only. And that she needed to […]

Clean-room ready!

“She was not so pleased when I caught her standing suited up and ready to enter the clean room in order to test her solar devices!” Permangelo E. Regularis

Spinning glass slide

Applying a chemical layer to a glass slide

“Nola Farman has been so busy in the Physics department, I have had difficulty catching up to have a word with her. However, I did manage to take a snap of her in the labs where she and some others were making some organic solar cells in the laboratories.”

The Beginning

“It seems to me that Nola Farman has found herself in an extraordinary situation amongst the Physicists in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences in the Centre for Organic Electronics. I say `extraordinary’ because the spirit of professional interest and the generosity of input from the scientists is such that one can no longer […]